What the heck is a gratitude journal

Chances are if you’re reading this blog you can see that I would be really into a thing like gratuity. I am here to convince you that the more you force yourself to keep track of what you love in this world, the more you will actually love it!

I was introduced to gratitude planning from pinterest a couple years ago, and I love the concept. Every day, write down one thing that you are thankful for. It could be anything big or small.

If the category of ‘anything you like’ is too broad, I encourage you to follow a theme each month. For example, your location (city, state, country, etc.) I plan on doing a month just focusing on things I like about my college town.

This upcoming month (September) I have made a printable (free, obviously) so that anyone reading this can follow along! I encourage you to try. I have seen so many amazing things this summer and I think its only appropriate to be appreciative instead of sad. By dedicating a minute to reflect every day on one thing in particular that you are thankful for, it might make you more inclined to practice being thankful more than before.

**If your planning needs extend beyond keeping track of the little things in life you love, make sure to check out all my planners.**

Join me! I am not going for a particular theme this month, and I am excited to see what it ends up turning into as time goes on. Lets get thankful!!

Free lil Gratitude Journal


The Basic Life Planner Kit

Exciting news! For all of my friends new to planning, I have assembled some of my basic and useful products into one easy to use kit! (in both letter and a5 sizes!!)DSC_0668.jpg

I designed the pages in this kit to be simple but still have lots of utility. I currently have some friends trying it out and I will have their reviews within a week or two.

Heres what the kit includes:

  1. Monthly calendar. This is a good page to mark large events on!DSC_0642.jpg
  2. Monthly Overview. The purpose of this page is to really show all of your big to-do items and projects in one place. Things I would include on this would be appointments, birthdays, house tasks, etcDSC_0647.jpg
  3. Weekly Planner. The title says it all! I think filling this out at the beginning of every week should adequatley prepare you for the days to come.DSC_0676.jpg
  4. Daily Planner. If youre anticipating a busy day or if you just want some piece of mind, fill this out in the morning before you get on with your day.DSC_0674.jpg
  5. Password Keeper. This is obvious.
  6. Travel checklist. If you’re planning any trip, large or small, this list will get the basics you need to have down all in one place.
  7. Weekly Routine. This is a printable I featured for free a couple of months ago. I’m including it so you have the ability to visualize the parts of your schedule that stay constant (for example your school schedule) When I need to schedule an appointment or find time to see someone, having this handy is necessary!DSC_0664.jpg

I am so excited about the idea of more kits on my Etsy. Let me know what you would like in a simple planning kit!

Make sure to also check out my Pinterest full of study and planner #goals

Monthly Calendar: the backbone of planning

Dead week is here (lame) but this week I made some free monthly calendar printables for you to use wherever you need organization (not lame)


Heres the calendars for March, April, May, and June!

I spent some time this weekend thinking about how to organize things is a more simple manner. For anyone not interested in getting a planner just yet, or even if you have one, I would suggest using a simple monthly calendar to keep track of big dates and appointments.


I also highly suggest everyone in college goes and buys a bulletin board! It is perfect for sticking random things you don’t want to loose. I use it as a half scrapbook half monthly calendar.


I also understand that March is half way over but if you’re having a freak out about your finals or spring break scheduling writing whats most important down can really ease your mind.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out all my other free printables already, make sure to take a look! If thats not enough for you, my Etsy page should have more than enough to satisfy your needs!


On a personal note, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Santa Barbara Zoo this weekend and it was beautiful! Just the right dose of motivation before a very very busy dead week.


Have a beautiful week! Happy Studying!

Ways to make lots of studying less garbage

Maybe you had three essays due, maybe you bombed a midterm you thought you studied really hard for, maybe you’re tired of work, school, and pretending to enjoy cooking food for yourself. Regardless, college (and all of life for that matter) will never quit rolling from highs to lows.

For those awful work weeks- or months- I have a couple tips that have vastly improved my college experience. It is so crucially important to learn how to create a bright spot in your day or week, no matter how terrible it may have been.

For making the most of a real rough patch, heres my advice:


Go somewhere beautiful! Even if what you’re working on or dealing with is actual garbage it is such a game changer to look up at your surroundings and escape, if only for a moment.


Eat good food. I say this about 100% of the time, but food is FUEL! Put good in get good out!


Take a break and clean your desk. Having a tidy space can alleviate so much stress. This also does not require any brain power.


Exercise! If you don’t have time to get a little of your anxiety out at the gym, stretch!! Plop down and try touching you toes! Sun salutate! Move your body in some manner you don’t normally! Hold any stretch for 20 seconds minimum and try for maybe 5 minutes of stretching total.


Check out all my beautiful printables including my finals printables, daily planner, and weekly schedule planner. Write it down and get it out of your head!


Finally, watch a sunset if you can! Mother nature will always be there for you, even if college is trying to demolish your spirits.


Remember, you got this!! Comment if you’re in need of a pep talk

Finals again?

I know. The word gives you a stomach ache and a little shiver. The sad but true fact is that quarter system participants are yet again approaching finals season. So how will you cope??

First of all, check out my post on having a good finals season.

Second, it must be your lucky day because I have created some free printables just for you! There is a study planner, finals week schedule planner, and an essay planner. All three of these are available on my Etsy as well in a more refined style.


DSC_0160 2

Third, enjoy the outdoors while you can! Catch a sunset with your bestest buds! Now is not the time to shack up with netflix. Go enjoy your days so you’re not Vitamin D deficient and longing for nature too an extreme degree during your studying time.


Finally, most importantly, stay on top of your health now so you don’t get sick!! Grab some water, eat an orange, invest at least 8 hours of sleep into these precious preparation days. If you get sick during finals you could seriously sacrifice your grades. honestly. My brother got pneumonia during finals week and chose to check out of the hospital, roll into his final, and check himself back in. Don’t be like my brother!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FOR GODS SAKE


Lets make this a finals season as smooth as butter! Godspeed!


Day on one page free printable

Yesterday I released my Facebook page and it was very exciting!

I decided it was just so exciting that I would send out a free printable to all of my new planning friends.

dsc_0145 This planner is a simple day on one page printable with an hourly section and a to do list!

Hopefully this can get people in the mood for some planning and goal setting. If you are in search of more printables of course check out my Etsy shop, my finals planner printable right here, and another weekly planner printable!

DSC_0147.jpgIf you have any requests for free printables please let me know.

Happy planning!


Weekly planning tips with *free printable*

God this year is already flying by!

To keep my weeks in check I made this little printable that I keep in the academic section of my planner. Its the same as all the information I have hourly on my mac, but something about having a handwritten weekly template is so soothing to me.


I created a simple planner that you can get for free here in A5-size,letter-size, and personal-size!

When I am planning hourly I follow a couple steps:

  • Color code. If I don’t have different color pens I use my highlighters.
  • Fill in the essential things first.
  • Have a general plan for large amounts of free time. I don’t need to work on my blog at any particular time but I like to have an idea of when I could possibly be working on it.
  • Account for eating time. Sounds silly but if you are preparing your dinner and don’t have something on hand, you’re estimation of 15 min will be way too little time.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. This is crucial. If you are not getting enough time to sleep, chances are everything you do during the next day will be so much slower you would have been better off taking something out of your daily plan and resting for longer.


Once you’ve followed all those things, you should be on track to an organized schedule for the week! If you are looking for more organizational tools make sure to check out my Etsy Store or some of my organization posts. If pinterest is more your style, I have a great board full of tips and pretty notes!

Share how you plan your time week by week!