Good vibes, free printables

Coming at you LIVE from Santa Barbara California with some good news:

  1. You are currently alive!
  2. Winter is slowly coming to an end
  3. This post has free planners

Look at how cool Lizard Mouth looked last month. How do I live here??


But this isnt a post about Santa Barbara and my undying love for UCSB. This is a post for FREE PLANNING STUFF.

My Etsy has had a pretty slow period the past couple months. To be honest this is because I’ve been pretty lazy keeping it up to date.

I also have been spending a majority of my time bullet journaling (see some of my posts about that here) so I don’t even use half of my printables anymore!

So when the request came in from my sorority sista for some printables for the girls in the house I was more than happy to dip my toe back in the pond.



A lil weekly plan and to do lists (full page printable)


A lil to do list for everyday (full page printable)


A lil bit of everything (full page printable)


Okay so now that you have some killer planners are you feeling ready to attack this week? I hope so!!

Use these! Please!! Share with your friends!! Lets get it guys!!


Bullet Journaling 2018

Hello! Time to get back to the roots of this blog and talk about planning.


My current set up? Bullet journal. I still sell sweet planners online (found here) but the filofax life was getting a little old and I am back to the bullet journal.


I keep a vertical month plan with key dates and fun events.


On Sunday I set up my weeks, usually on one entire page.


I keep a habit tracker for every month, and it really does help me keep up with things I tend to neglect (like flossing, streching, etc)



The rest is pretty unstructured. I take notes in meetings or plan things like internships and homework. This is my first time using a dotted grid and it is a GAME CHANGER I paid a little more than I usually would for this journal ($7) but it was 100% worth it. Love love love.


And just look how cute and cozy my little bed nook looks today! God bless a made bed!! I’m thinking about doing an instagram on studying and planning and stuff. Good idea or no?


Clean up your NOTES clean up your LIFE

Hope that title grabbed you. I just have some tips for pretty notes, no life lessons today!

I get a lot of compliments on my notes in class. After 14+ years of school I’ve figured out a couple things that work really well for me.

  • Have a pen, highlighter, and one pen of a different color. As an oceanographer, the more blue the better.


  • Draw pictures. Especially if you’re talking about a process, physical or otherwise


  • Keep a relatively constant title, subtitle, definition scheme.


  • Box, circle, underline. Call attention to facts and figures. Did your prof say this was going to be on the exam? UNDERLINE THAT ISH


  • Go back AFTER lecture. Trying to make things look pretty and missing information is completely counter productive. Re reading your notes is a good idea anyways, so as you’re going back, highlight and add information that might have been missed your first time


Hope some of these help! Would anyone be interested in some monthly note sheet posts as inspiration? I’ve been thinking about starting a studying page but haven’t gotten the courage to do it… thoughts?

Senior Year STARTS NOW

Gosh, what an insane month. Today, its a beautiful October day, and I’m working my little tush off to get in front of all that is to come this quarter. Easier said than done. I’m going to provide some details on how, as a college senior, I have formulated the most efficent methods of organizing and planning for my life.


I run on two binders, one for school, and one for work. I am currently keeping all my personal planning shenanigans in my a5 planner at home and don’t take it to school. If I need to jot down personal lists or notes to myself I have a small gridded bullet journal in my backpack, but I don’t follow this religiously. I need to cut down on my planning as is.

So lets talk about how I set up my school binder:


  1. I print up all the weekly planning inserts and monthly calendars from my 2017-18 school planner and three hole punch them.
  2. Looking at the monthly calendar, I mark out major holidays and things I’ll have to miss school for. I then fill in little personal meetings, and midterm and final dates.DSC_0270
  3. I transfer this information into my weekly school planner pages. I add in homework due dates if I have been provided those already. I color code based on class.DSC_0277
  4. In the remaining dividers, one for each class, I add the syllabus and my assignment and class planning pages. I also print out any helpful materials that I dont want to write in my notebook like a periodic table, identification charts, etc.
  5. print out my weekly school schedule, color code it, add in work times, and place that in the front pouchDSC_0279

I take notes BY HAND

  • I am working to re-use some notebooks that I only half filled. I try to find subjects that have a little overlap when doing this

My 2017-18 school planner is getting some good press at UCSB and I am very excited to be getting a wider audience for my planning supplies. A couple of requests have been made to make a physical planner. Will I do it? Only time will tell.

Make sure to check out all of my other school planning advice!

Wishing you all insanely good luck this fall quarter or semester! You’ll kill it!

What the heck is a gratitude journal

Chances are if you’re reading this blog you can see that I would be really into a thing like gratuity. I am here to convince you that the more you force yourself to keep track of what you love in this world, the more you will actually love it!

I was introduced to gratitude planning from pinterest a couple years ago, and I love the concept. Every day, write down one thing that you are thankful for. It could be anything big or small.

If the category of ‘anything you like’ is too broad, I encourage you to follow a theme each month. For example, your location (city, state, country, etc.) I plan on doing a month just focusing on things I like about my college town.

This upcoming month (September) I have made a printable (free, obviously) so that anyone reading this can follow along! I encourage you to try. I have seen so many amazing things this summer and I think its only appropriate to be appreciative instead of sad. By dedicating a minute to reflect every day on one thing in particular that you are thankful for, it might make you more inclined to practice being thankful more than before.

**If your planning needs extend beyond keeping track of the little things in life you love, make sure to check out all my planners.**

Join me! I am not going for a particular theme this month, and I am excited to see what it ends up turning into as time goes on. Lets get thankful!!

Free lil Gratitude Journal

Planning abroad

Whats up planner fam! Im gonna take a little break from my obnoxious abroad kid posts and get to some good ol plannin!

IMG_8200.jpgBeing abroad I am *trying* to learn how to go with the flow. To a certain degree I have been successful! I am not planning my hours. I am not planning weeks ahead *sorta*. I am taking more time to walk around and relax and its going great!… But not planning at all is a nightmare.

Heres what I have going on:

DSC_0706.jpgMonthly: month on one page (available at my etsy store) I’m just using this to show when I’m going on trips and when friends are visiting (yay)

DSC_0715Weekly: I am using my day on one page setup (also available on my etsy store) I made this layout a while ago, and it really fits everything perfect! In general I am toneing it down on the stickers (look at me how adult) On these pages I put:

  • weekly to do list
  • inspirational quote (which I have replaced with common danish phrases while I’m here)
  • appointments, important meetings
  • large tasks

IMG_8228.jpgTravel: I finally feel like im using this section. I have nifty travel planners (also avalible on my etsy store)(sorry for all the plugs) and on the back of them I write things I would like to do/see. Nothing crazy



IMG_8205.jpgWork: I don’t actually use this planner at work. My desk has two monitors and a laptop and all the software I could possibly want. This is more for my own personal reference/ motivation, nothing crazy. These pages came in my Webster’s Pages a5 planner when I bought it, I’m just repurposing them. Keep on the lookout for a separate intern organization post (ur dying of excitement I know)

DSC_0720.jpgBlog / Etsy: I’m keeping this the same as always. I try to brainstorm and if I do decide to go along with a post I keep track of the dates. This is completely unnecessary. Totally overkill.



The rest: I have passwords and keepsakes and thats pretty much it! I can’t keep track of all of my work login information and I don’t even want to try (but you can get this insert on my etsy) (BUY MY INSERTS) (DID YOU KNOW I HAVE AN ETSY)

IMG_8213.jpgI have a little moleskin notebook where I dump my thoughts, danish translations, and anything in between. I’m keeping a running list of what happened every day just in bullet points. Time seems to be flying so fast and my diary entries turn into little emotional short stories so just in case I miss something it’ll be in my moleskin. I also take it to work and scratch notes in there.

IMG_8273.jpgOf course I have to give a fat shoutout to my diary. Even if you hate planning, you should dump you thoughts and emotions into a notebook and then its the notebooks problem! I cant show you the workings of my diary but I can tell you it was a super generous gift from a family whos children I tutor. It was pressed individually in MILAN (I know right??!!) and it was such a sweet gesture. Its hard not to smile when I look about it.

How I’ve somehow acquired internships in college

I have to preface this post saying I am not, nor do I pretend to be, a STEM-superhero-guru type that has privileged knowledge or is trained in job searching.

IMG_7348.jpgI am, however, a little craftier than the average bear because my GPA is not very competitive, and the baseline tips they give college students isn’t what helped me personally.

Fortunately, in my college experience I have been blessed with some awesome opportunities to participate in research and some pretty cool internships. Many of my friends have asked how I ran into these jobs and how to even know where to look.

DSC_0695.jpgSo, although I am 21 years old and probably don’t know what I’m talking about, here is how I gained research experience in my first three years of college:

  • Talk to professors you’re interested in. Sophomore year I took an atmospheric-oceanic interaction class and genuinely enjoyed the stories and personal input my professor had to give on the subjects. I went into office hours and pestered him about how he decided to get into the field, his career path, his advice for a young mind, etc. Although he didn’t have any available research positions, he was able to recommend me to talk to a number of other faculty that shared similar interests. Since then I have done a similar thing for every class I have been extremely interested in. Even if it dosen’t amount to anything in the short term, establishing good relationships with faculty can lead to jobs in the long run, letters of rec, and a great resource for discussing future career or graduate school plans.
  • Befriend grad students. Grad students are awesome! They are not very far from where you are right now and can be a little bit more real with you than a professor can. Similar to professors, they know who to recommend you speak to. What a grad student can provide that a professor cannot, however, is time. Grad students are busy, but they more often than professors sit down and chat about whatever is on your mind.  They ALSO can provide a lot of help with your resume and writing a cover letter.
  • Send some emails. One day my sophomore year I read through all the bio’s of the graduate students in my schools graduate environmental science program. I eagerly emailed about 20 of them (no joke) explaining how old I was, what they were doing that I had interest in, and my interest in gaining research experience or an internship. Maybe five emailed me back, but of those five, two genuinely appreciated my enthusiasm, and from then on they were my allies. Currently, I am working on a senior thesis that was almost entirely the idea of a grad student I befriended my sophomore year. She met with me a few times during the year, and as she got to know my interests better, she suggested I model an equation established in a previous paper she had written.
  • Don’t be a stranger. When you have a good conversation with a professor or grad student, remember to at least write down your name, email, and interests on a post it and if it seems appropriate, hand it to them when you leave. OR you can send a follow up email within the next day or so thanking them for their time and mentioning your contact info in case any opportunities arise. Anytime you see someone you have received guidance from around campus, give them a wave or have a little conversation if you have the time. Don’t be weird, even if you think they don’t remember you, they probably do.
  • Use your department advisors. More often than not, department advisors have a pretty good idea of what is going on with large internship offers, professors looking for undergraduate help, etc. Many majors offer an independent research class- talk to your advisor about how it works and what previous students have done in the past.
  • Check your email. Most departments and majors at UCSB have a mass email list and this is frequented with weekly research opportunities. If you get those use them. This tip is almost too obvious to mention
  • Use connections. Major key. Although it may seem unfair, its true that connections have a lot of weight when you’re looking for a job, no matter the field. My mom mentioned to me that my dad had made software for a clean energy company in Denmark and that I would be interested in their work. Six months later I am about to leave for Copenhagen to work for that very company! Even if what you have connections for might not be explicitly what you’re interested in, something is better than nothing, and I believe you learn a lot from any job. Go for it!
  • Look at small companies. This may be more stem applicable, but a lot of small startups are always looking for interns. It may take an intense amount of google-ing, but you may find some better opportunities than just searching “internships near me”
  • Consider international opportunities. Obviously, this tip requires a little more desire for adventure. If you are set on gaining a lot of experience, however, going abroad to work is an option not many people consider. It also shows a lot of initiative if you are willing to spend a summer in another country just to work.


IMG_6874.jpgA couple final notes- Don’t worry about your GPA. Obviously try to have the best GPA possible, but don’t let that discourage you from real hands on experience! You can do it!! My GPA is terrible if that makes you feel any better! Learn how to shake a hand, and say proper pleases and thank you’s. Finally, don’t be discouraged if people don’t reply or show any mutual enthusiasm. Professors are busy, grad students are too. It takes a lot of reaching out to find opportunities but the search in and of itself is a great learning opportunity.

Good luck in your academic endeavors!