The 2017-18 School Planner

Wow! August is literally three days away. Did NOT see that one coming.

Honestly, if you’re a planner freak like me you’ve been expecting this for a while. If you are not, it might have just hit you when you went to target and saw binders and notebooks everywhere.

Swallow the pill, its learnin season again!!

Good thing you have made your way to this blog post thought, because I have some good news. I have made you, yes YOU, a simple, comprehensive, and cheap planner you can print RIGHT NOW. No worrying about getting behind in your classes! No need to buy a thick planner if you just want to take things week by week! OR make your planner as thick as you want and print a bunch of extra sheets so you can plan to your hearts fullest!!


Heres what I put in this bad boy: 
Monthly calendars (dated) perfect for noting all big deadlines, tests, project due dates, etc. Calendar is landscape formatted and can be hole punched and put into a binder or hung on the wall for desk organization. Includes August 2017-June 2018
Individual assignment tracker, made for planning out larger assignments like projects or research. Includes sections for todo, brainstorming, and resources. (and due date, of course)
Class assignment tracker, used for noting all class assignments in the semester and quarter. This also includes a grading scale for the class and a goal section so you can track your personal progress throughout the semester!
15 week school all purpose planner. This is my most popular product on Etsy! A simple planner that seems to include enough space to track all your daily to do’s and homework deadlines nicely
Essay planner. The name speaks for itself! Another minimalist design to help you brainstorm and get to writing.
Finals Class Planner. This is a part of my Finals Planning Kit, which is another popular package on my Etsy. This planner allows for you to summarize which topics you need to study for, how you will study for them, and if you have accomplished your study plans!
Finals Schedule Planner. This is a timetable to plan your studying and times at which you’ll be testing during finals week. Honestly, this is a great way to visualize the week, and I cant survive finals week without it

Oh yeah, its $7. SEVEN BUCKS IS NOTHING but just to sweeten the deal, I’m throwing out a discount code for 15% off your purchase!! This expires on the 13th of August. Ready for it?? Code: learninseason  (Be a homie and pass this info along to all of your friends so you are starting the school year as some real cool scholars with matching planning supplies)


Want a little taste of what it could be like to have some order in your life? Check out my freebies!

I have a whole list of good habits to get in at the beginning of a semester or quarter or whatever kind of school year you operate on here! (as well as some tips for becoming a morning person, making the most of your free time, etc)

Also, I’m gonna mention my College Application Planner, which is my best selling item on etsy, and in my mind incredibly useful in a process that does not get enough attention by teachers and counselors. Applying to college is so intimidating and confusing. I worked my little butt off making this for my tutoring clients, and I’ve got a lot of great results because of it.

SO yes, its learnin season, but don’t start the year on a bad foot because you’re #salty about the summer ending.

Go out there and make me proud you studious superstar!!



The Basic Life Planner Kit

Exciting news! For all of my friends new to planning, I have assembled some of my basic and useful products into one easy to use kit! (in both letter and a5 sizes!!)DSC_0668.jpg

I designed the pages in this kit to be simple but still have lots of utility. I currently have some friends trying it out and I will have their reviews within a week or two.

Heres what the kit includes:

  1. Monthly calendar. This is a good page to mark large events on!DSC_0642.jpg
  2. Monthly Overview. The purpose of this page is to really show all of your big to-do items and projects in one place. Things I would include on this would be appointments, birthdays, house tasks, etcDSC_0647.jpg
  3. Weekly Planner. The title says it all! I think filling this out at the beginning of every week should adequatley prepare you for the days to come.DSC_0676.jpg
  4. Daily Planner. If youre anticipating a busy day or if you just want some piece of mind, fill this out in the morning before you get on with your day.DSC_0674.jpg
  5. Password Keeper. This is obvious.
  6. Travel checklist. If you’re planning any trip, large or small, this list will get the basics you need to have down all in one place.
  7. Weekly Routine. This is a printable I featured for free a couple of months ago. I’m including it so you have the ability to visualize the parts of your schedule that stay constant (for example your school schedule) When I need to schedule an appointment or find time to see someone, having this handy is necessary!DSC_0664.jpg

I am so excited about the idea of more kits on my Etsy. Let me know what you would like in a simple planning kit!

Make sure to also check out my Pinterest full of study and planner #goals

Finals again?

I know. The word gives you a stomach ache and a little shiver. The sad but true fact is that quarter system participants are yet again approaching finals season. So how will you cope??

First of all, check out my post on having a good finals season.

Second, it must be your lucky day because I have created some free printables just for you! There is a study planner, finals week schedule planner, and an essay planner. All three of these are available on my Etsy as well in a more refined style.


DSC_0160 2

Third, enjoy the outdoors while you can! Catch a sunset with your bestest buds! Now is not the time to shack up with netflix. Go enjoy your days so you’re not Vitamin D deficient and longing for nature too an extreme degree during your studying time.


Finally, most importantly, stay on top of your health now so you don’t get sick!! Grab some water, eat an orange, invest at least 8 hours of sleep into these precious preparation days. If you get sick during finals you could seriously sacrifice your grades. honestly. My brother got pneumonia during finals week and chose to check out of the hospital, roll into his final, and check himself back in. Don’t be like my brother!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FOR GODS SAKE


Lets make this a finals season as smooth as butter! Godspeed!


How I set up my week in my planner

The sun is shining in Santa Barbara! It seems like its been the most dramatic winter I have ever seen here and its so great to have a weekend that hasn’t been pouring rain the whole time.

Sunday is a sacred day to me. I is my day to get laundry done, to get homework done, and to plan my week to come.

I am sharing how I set up a college student life in an a5 planner with a week on two pager vertical layout. I use more pages that are not shown, but these are the basic procedures I follow!

I start by grabbing my planner which holds all the supplies I need except for a stamp, washi tape, and a hole punch.

DSC_0145.jpgOn my weekly view, I keep the pages empty except for sticky notes with things I dont want to forget. Once I’m making the weekly spread, those sticky notes are written in.

DSC_0146.jpgMy favorite tool for this planner is my checklist stamp! I punch Mon-Fri with a checklist.DSC_0147.jpgNow its time for some sticker action. I use a little arrow to show the days I’m working and underneath I write in the times. I use almost the full bottom column to do thisDSC_0149.jpg

My second round of stickers are gold flags for days I would like to blog post or update my Etsy. The white labels go to holidays, birthdays, and other events that are a little larger than normal and last all day.IMG_6586.jpg

I put heart stickers in the bottom column to keep track of what I’m eating. This was great for meal planning when I first started cooking for myself in college.IMG_6587.jpgNow its time for some washi tape! I dont go for a lot, just 3 or so pieces around the borders.IMG_6589.jpgAfter the washi tape I add more things that I will need to do in the individual days. Sometimes I end up with a lot in my to do list and nothing in the top most vertical column, so I am still working on finding a method thats perfect for me.IMG_6592.jpgNow I add a couple cute stickers and highlight anything really crutial that needs to be done.IMG_6593.jpgIf you like this layout, you can find it for sale on my etsy store HERE!

I am also beginning to use a day on one page layout for my extremely busy days, That can also be found on my Etsy store (undated) HERE!IMG_6618.jpg

Hopefully you can establish a routine that works to keep your life organized and you less overwhelmed. Happy Planning!

My college admission planner!

I am very excited to announce after weeks of work and brainstorming that I have finally completed my college admission planner for junior and senior students. This package includes 13 printable pages with worksheets that help students understand not only where they want to go to college, but how much preparation it takes. By completing these worksheets, students are in the active process of planning.


My motivation to make these sheets came from the many students I have had the joy of teaching over the past two years. They trust me as an ally in the college application process, which is a responsibility I take very seriously.

I began to simultaneously grow my skills in Microsoft publisher by making planner printables and college worksheets for my students. Making these sheets in my spare time has taken me back to the anxious energy that I had as a junior, hoping that I was doing things at the right time, hoping that I was getting good enough scores, hoping that I could get into my dream schools. I greatly appreciated any advice I received, and dedicated a unused binder to my research and notes.

By putting myself in my 17 year old shoes, I can see how much I would have benefited from a clear and concise organization of schools, scholarships, testing scores, and advice.

With this planner I have to give a very important disclaimer. I AM NOT A COLLEGE COUNSELOR. I believe this planner gives teens an opportunity to look into college in a productive way but I DO NOT GUARANTEE admission or acceptance to college simply by using this tool.

Simply put- Please use this tool with a college counselor or trusted source for more efficient and organized planning.

Check it out here!

If you are interested in this tool, please, please check it out on my etsy shop! It was made with a lot of love, and I hope that as many kids as possible can get use out of it.

Happy Planning!


Simple school planner ( a5 printable)

Its that time of year again kids! Back to the college grind.

I have experimented with planning for school and life in countless ways over my three years of college and I’ve figured out what works best for separation. It is way too confusing to cram everything into the same page for myself. I decided having week by week of ONLY school would be best to plan without overwhelming me and waisting time.


How do I use this planner?


On Monday I fill in when all my assignments are due that week. When tests are scheduled, I fill those in immediately regardless of week. I color code my classes to help me see better which class will have the most work for me that week.

This is mostly to keep track of all due dates and finding at least one thing per day I can be working on. If I want to be motivating myself more, I might put a couple reminders in my personal to do list.


Everyone plans differently, and I love to see new strategies!

I made this insert for my a5 planner, and I hope someone else can get some use out of it!

Good luck in the next semester or quarter kiddos.