Good vibes, free printables

Coming at you LIVE from Santa Barbara California with some good news:

  1. You are currently alive!
  2. Winter is slowly coming to an end
  3. This post has free planners

Look at how cool Lizard Mouth looked last month. How do I live here??


But this isnt a post about Santa Barbara and my undying love for UCSB. This is a post for FREE PLANNING STUFF.

My Etsy has had a pretty slow period the past couple months. To be honest this is because I’ve been pretty lazy keeping it up to date.

I also have been spending a majority of my time bullet journaling (see some of my posts about that here) so I don’t even use half of my printables anymore!

So when the request came in from my sorority sista for some printables for the girls in the house I was more than happy to dip my toe back in the pond.



A lil weekly plan and to do lists (full page printable)


A lil to do list for everyday (full page printable)


A lil bit of everything (full page printable)


Okay so now that you have some killer planners are you feeling ready to attack this week? I hope so!!

Use these! Please!! Share with your friends!! Lets get it guys!!


A very pink birthday

After a spectacular 22nd birthday, I highly encourage everyone with an awesome group of friends to think of the most obnoxious theme possible and throw a party.


My theme? PINK. I think the pictures speak for themselves. My party? Landshark.

It feels like ages since I have had a full birthday with a cake and a party and presents. Remember when people used to get a room at the skating rink or bowling alley. The whole class would show up, get hyped on capri sun and sheet cake, and crash on the way home in the back of the car. Those were the DAYS.

I didnt get cake and unwrap 20 presents but that dosent matter. I can now say adults are capable of having awesome birthdays too.

Thank you to all of my awesome friends that made this day possible! I hope you all enjoy some highlights from the disposable cameras that floated around the boat.


Belated Oahu Adventure Summary

If you have read Barbarian Days by William Finnegan you will have read about the neighborhood of Diamond Head, East of Waikiki, shaded by a small crater and a short distance, but it seems as if it is a lifetime away from the tacky shops and sweaty tourists. Diamond Head is where my best friend’s family owns a funky beach bungalow, a one minute barefoot stroll to a private beach inlet.


The surf was beautiful, always pumping at Cliffs, a very popular destination in the book and with the locals, for good reason. Mansions and Dukes were other spots just a paddle away, and I was thankful to have the savy local knowledge of Paige’s dad to help me find the spots, predict the swell, and warn me of rocks.


But surfing was a mere portion of the trip.


I was very pleased with the hiking. We didnt make it on anything extreme, but we didnt need to to see some spectacular views.

The food was insane. We had Thai, Vieatnamese, Japanese, authentic Hawaiian, and a TON of poke and poi. It was all fantastic food. The savy of Paige and her family in regards to food is absolutely unmatched. I have never had so much confidence in someone ordering all of my food for me.



Some other highlights include:

  • Paddle tennis at grandpas house
  • Sunsets
  • Every grocery store (who else loves going to grocery stores on vacation?)
  • Mochi
  • Snorkeling
  • Crying to Dukirk on the flight there
  • Crying to the sunset on the flight back

I am endlessly thankful for the experience we had and for Paiges family that hosted me for yet another best week ever vacation.


Oahu rules.


Bullet Journaling 2018

Hello! Time to get back to the roots of this blog and talk about planning.


My current set up? Bullet journal. I still sell sweet planners online (found here) but the filofax life was getting a little old and I am back to the bullet journal.


I keep a vertical month plan with key dates and fun events.


On Sunday I set up my weeks, usually on one entire page.


I keep a habit tracker for every month, and it really does help me keep up with things I tend to neglect (like flossing, streching, etc)



The rest is pretty unstructured. I take notes in meetings or plan things like internships and homework. This is my first time using a dotted grid and it is a GAME CHANGER I paid a little more than I usually would for this journal ($7) but it was 100% worth it. Love love love.


And just look how cute and cozy my little bed nook looks today! God bless a made bed!! I’m thinking about doing an instagram on studying and planning and stuff. Good idea or no?


Joshua Tree w/ Cailin

My 2018 started in the best way possible: camping.


One of my best remaining hometown friends, Cailin, and I have an affinity for camping, talking, and good food.

I mean what more do you need??


Here are some reflections on our time in Joshua Tree

  1. Don’t go in the main entrance if you’re trying to hike for free. Both hikes we went on were free. Game changer for a broke college kid.
  2. Look on AirBnb for campsites. Weird, but the park has been so popular that all of the sites were filled. Airbnb is the same price and we had an excellent host.
  3. Stater Brothers. There is a Stater brothers in 29 Palms and if you’re only going one night its super convenient for food.
  4. Camping does NOT need lots of preparation. Go. Have fun!!

It was a simple trip but those are the trips that always seem to be the most fun. Long live J tree!


2017- what a YEAR

FRIENDS made my 2017.

I think it is foolish to try and boil a year down into one theme or emotion, but if I had to choose what singularly made my year what it was, it was my fantastic compilation of friends. From the beginning of 2017 to the end, none of it would have been possible without them.


Paige and Bree came on a last minute camping trip. Gwen visited me in Denmark. Cailin met me in Prague. Teodora became my best friend in Copenhagen. Paige took me to Boston, New York and Oahu. I am so thankful I had the time to develop my friendships this year, and I intend on maintaining this level of enthusiasm for my friendships going forward.



My life completely changed in more ways than one. *get ready for the cheesiest statement of all time, I apologize in advance* I moved to Copenhagen, I fell in love, I found myself, I pushed myself, I felt like I could actually be an adult, I repaired relationships, I destroyed relationships, I learned MORE THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.

DSC_0160 2

Some other reflections: I’ve shared a lot more than I did previously, and I have been so overwhelmed with the positive response I have received from it. I am still bad at saying no, but I’m slowly improving. I have never been more comfortable with the unknown than I am now. I am better at taking a breather when I should.

I hope everyone got as much out of 2017 as I did. I am so STOKED for a new year of lessons and memories.


Pre- Finals Positivity


They are around the corner. They are LURKING. They are merely a week away.

They are NOT a definition of your self worth. They are NOT worth seriously compromising your health. They are NOT going to ruin your month if you don’t let them.

Now is the time I like to practice some zen and take stock of where I am mentally, and I encourage you to do the same. I believe not enough is said about the importance of mental well being and its correlation to success in test taking.

How will you achieve this zen? or at least put yourself in a good mood before finals??

  • Surround yourself with positive energy. Find friends that uplift you and study together. Even if you only have an hour in a day free, spend it with someone that makes you feel rejuvenated.
  • Cook. Controlling everything that goes into you body is surprisingly therapeutic, trust me. Take time to make a good meal and enjoy it because you deserve it. While you’re at it make a bunch of leftovers so you’re not stressing about food during finals week
  • PLAN. If you’re a little intimidated, have no fear. I have TONS of planners, and a nice little array of finals planners for FREE wahoo! Know what studying you’re up against ahead of time! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE
  • Water. DUH.
  • Plan some fun studying breaks. Hit a yoga class! Plan an ice cream date! DONT lock yourself in the library for 48 hours. Instead, aim for 2-4 hour studying chunks (stretching at least once an hour)
  • Call someone you love and tell them you love them. Get some good karma going in your life!
  • Practice Gratitude. If you’re new to it dont worry, I have a printable for this too. Appreciate the little things that make a difference in your life.


Finals got nothin on you!